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If you are a registered member and cannot access the complete forum you have probably been flagged by our system for not meeting the POSTING POLICY.

SECURITY ALERT global announcement here. (Link corrected)

Board rules


Although we here at CloudMeBaby.com are not really big on rules and intrusions there are a few that we have to have to make this a better place for all. So far we have the following, however, they may be changed or added as needed.

Rule 1
In order to keep this a happy place there will be no personal attacks allowed. However, civil debating in the proper area will be encouraged. This includes but is not limited to:

  • direct name calling
  • threats of any kind
  • mob mentality
  • any comments that admins/mods deem to interrupt the natural flow of chat/forums no matter being the start of or in retaliation too
So please use common sense. Any members found to be included in the above actions will be warned once. If these warnings are not heeded there will be a zero tolerance approach taken and all involved will be bounced from chat or the forums.

Rule 2
You are only permitted to have one account. Active or inactive. If you choose to make more then one account all accounts will be deactivated.

Rule 3
There will be NO trolling allowed. If you are found to be trolling you will be warned and if it continues your account will be banned.

Rule 4
Advertising of any kind without prior approval by Administrators is not allowed. This rule is meant to apply to affiliate links and such. Personal referrals for other WAH opportunities will be allowed for but will also be banned if they get out of hand.

Rule 5
NO SPAMMING!!!!! If you are found to be spamming our members whether in the forum or through PM's your account will be banned.

Rule 6
This is a US based forum where all other countries are welcomed. However, all post or other public communications must be made in English as to allow administration to properly moderate.

Rule 7
As it has been stated before, we here at CMB are far from intolerant rule-mongering dictators. However, as we are here to make working in the cloud better for all we have put one simple policy into affect to protect the innocent when it comes to posting. ANY post that has to do with being deceptive, dishonest or misleading when it comes to completing or posting an AMT HIT is STRICTLY prohibited.

This includes but is not limited to the following examples:

  • discussing how to scam a requester
  • giving answers to qualification test
  • giving out the ending codes for completed surveys or similar information
  • the promotion or "how to's" for breaking AMT's Terms of Service
  • revealing the purpose of a study deliberately kept hidden or giving out the "gotcha" questions on a survey

Rule 8
Finally, although full access to this forum is granted right away, you will be expected to participate. We are all here to learn and earn and can very much be a help to each other if we all participate. This is a give and take forum and therefore, complete lurking will not be permitted. No one can be expected to give and give if others are just going to take and take. If you are found to be a complete lurker you will be warned and eventually banned if it continues.

Posting Policy

It has been quite a long time in the making but we have finally drafted a participation policy here at CloudMeBaby.com. The thought behind the policy is simple and basic. This forum is to help make working in the cloud a better place for everyone. Yes, I said EVERYONE, not just the chosen few. In our home all are welcome and all have something they can contribute. No matter if you are new or old you have some kind of experience or question that can be shared and hopefully expanded upon. So please post your experiences, ask a question or answer a question if you have the ability. Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log. Get involved with the community. Who knows you may find some new friends in the process.

Post Requirements

After having some discussion with current members the post count minimum has been set at only 2 postings per week. This number will be averaged out over a one month time period and should be very easy for members to make. In fact that is only 8.666 post per month or 104 post per year depending on how you want to look at it.

Grace Period

As we all know, speaking out in a public place is not easy for everyone to do. Some of us may have issues or be afraid to comment at all. For these people we have incorporated a grace period of two weeks to allow for some “getting used to things” time. What that means is that if you are one of the thousands of shy people in this world, don’t worry we understand. However, we will still stand by our participation policy to make CMB the best for all.

On Hold

There may also come a time in a workers life where they just can’t participate due to other things going on. Whether people are students who don't work during the summer, people that don't work during the holidays or even people that don't work (online) when their real life jobs are too busy to do so. For these situations you have the ability to put your account “on hold”. You will be put in a category where you can only see what a guest can see on the boards but with just a simple pm to us your account will be reinstated to full access when you are ready to participate again.

Please note that the above policy has been put in place to ensure the best possible forum for all members. We at CMB will not ban people for lack of participation as the ban hammer is not our favorite item. However, if you are flagged by our system you will be automatically put “On Hold” and will lose access until you pm and admin (with the will to participate) to have your access restored. The above policy is pretty simple compared to many others on the web and we like it that way. However, if there is found to be abuse it may have to be changed in the future for the best interest of all involved.