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Calling all Newbies and Veterans if You Can

PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:50 pm
by ThatGirl - ST
It seems that we have had a slew of new users on the forum lately and they all have the same question... "where are the good hits?" Well as most of the old timers on here know we do not have (nor do we allow) a thread that is just for "the good hits". Simply put CMB is here to help everyone succeed in this WAH world but we are not here for those that are looking for a quick hand out.

Anyway... although we do not have "the good hits" thread... we do have a thread of hits that will help to "pad your approvals". These are hits that are quick and simple that do not have a high HIT approved requirement. Not necessarily hits that will give you big money but ones that will give you bigger numbers so you can get to the big money. Most of the better paying requesters require over 5K or 10K HITs approved before you can work on their hits. I know it may seem like an unattainable number at the moment but with a little bit of time you CAN get there.

Now, you may be saying to yourself "that's not fair, I am a good worker why can't I do them?" Well, that may be all good and true but there are/have been in the past, quite a few people that would run a muck on mturk click scamming requesters then taking their money. Then these workers would just make a new account when they were banned and do it all over again. Granted, AMT has taken some precautions in the past year or so to avoid this but if you put yourself in a requesters shoes, I am sure you can understand that they don't want to be scammed by bad workers any more then we want to be scammed by bad requesters.

The reasons above are why we allow the pad your approval thread. With the hits in this thread you can get your numbers up quickly by doing good on some quick and simple hits. With that being said I am asking everyone to post, if they know of any, approval padding hits. As a veteran worker myself it has been a long time since I have had to worry about this so the requresters I used to do this are no longer here. Also, there is no way for me to search mturk for lower qual'd hits. :( So I am asking all newbies (and veterans if they can) to post any hits you come across that fit these standards. Please help us help each other. Besides, this thread gives all the newbies a chance to help each other out along with giving them post towards the posting policy so that the whole forum stays open to them.

Please just remember that we do not have nor do we allow a "best hits" thread so the post in this thread have to meet the requirement of being quick and have a low approved HIT # qual. Don't worry though if you make a post that doesn't belong I won't bite your head off :lol: I will just delete it or move it to where the post should be and let you know. :yes_f:


Re: Calling all Newbies and Veterans if You Can

PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:46 pm
by ThatGirl - ST
Thanks very much for the post Cam... but I guess I wasn't very clear in my post. I was asking for peeps to post some padding hits in the "ways to pad approval" thread not in this thread. Sorry. :baghead_f: BTW.... I moved your post there hun. :wub:

PS.. I also disabled this thread so hopefully peeps won't misunderstand my rambling again :lol: