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One week down

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One week down

Post Number:#1  Postby octopus_13 » Sat Sep 28, 2013 12:24 pm

So my first full week of turking is in the books. I didn't make near enough money but I am signed up and awaiting several writing gigs to open up to new authors and for textbroker to grade and rate my first five articles. I am a first tier cs writer but haven't found the motivation to write their 420 words w/callout. ( I remember when we got paid separately for those). I guess I need to bite the bullet on that one. Writer's domain has me on a waiting list. Without a masters its hard to break the $50 dollar mark on batch work (I do have over 5,000 approved HITs). I am assuming I need to hang in there and pick up some quals but any advice is appreciated.
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