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Re: Chat/Shout Box

Post Number:#26  Postby ThatGirl - ST » Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:44 pm

A change with the Chat/Shout Box as of 4/18/2013:

It seems that the chat has become one of the most popular areas of CMB for quite a few old time members and I for one am VERY happy about that. It is a place where members can come together, share stories, share comradery, talk about non-work things and alert other members about what is hot or not in the work world.

Along with being popular with some old time members the chat has become a big draw for some new participating members as well. :yay: This is a wonderful thing because it allows for newer members to join in on the conversation too. It provides a platform for all of us to learn things about each other that we may not be able to learn with just a forum setting. With that being said I for one am VERY happy that we have such a glorious communication device.

However, as with all good things the chat is not without its cons. There is the fact that it is conversation in real time and there have been times when we have all said things without thinking. Myself included. :baghead_f: There is also the ease of posting things of importance in the chat instead of posting them in the forum for all members (including those who are not in the chat or on at the time) to see. These are just two of the cons that I can think of at the moment and I am happy to report that we have been able to deal with them. Although at times it has not been pretty we have gotten through them with a few changes here and there. We have added a few more precise rules about how we should treat our fellow CMB'ers and have added the ability to ignore folks in chat just as we can in the forum. We have also added an announcement (below the chat box) that states all pertinent work things that are posted in chat must also be posted in the forum which I am very happy to say people have been doing. :thanks:

The last con I wanted to touch on, and the one that is responsible for the most recent change, is the fact that there are many... many newly registered members who are just parking themselves in the chat without saying a word. As I am sure most of you are aware ThatGuy-Wild and I have the ability to see where everyone is at any given time on the forum no matter if they are hidden or not. We have watched this scenario play out time and time again sadly more often then not. Like I stated before, I am VERY happy that the chat is as popular as it is but it is sad that so many newly registered members are not even bothering to look through the threads at all let alone make a post. Instead they are just parking their little behinds in the chat room and having everything they need delivered to them on a silver platter. Most are doing so until the participation policy grace period is over and they lose access. This taking without giving anything mentality has always been frowned upon at CMB and will no longer be tolerated. It is not fair for those who work so hard gathering all of the information to be taken advantage of is such a way.

Now, CMB has always been an open forum. Every thread in the forum has been and always will be open to all new members from day one. We were founded on the fact that there are no hidden threads that you have to earn access to and no post count that you have to reach before you get to "the good stuff". So with every thread being open and with all work pertinent information that is stated in chat having to be posted in the forums as well, all available information is there and available for even the newest members to gather. Therefore, with that being said, the forums as always, will continue to be open to all new members from day one. However, the chat will no longer be open to anyone who signs up on or after 4/18/13 until a short probationary period posting count is met. It is really sad that it had to come to this but let's face it, there will always be those in life who want the easy way out and will take from others without sharing a bit themselves.

I am re-posting this and locking the thread so that people can find it easier. I have had a few pm's lately with people asking why they can't see the chat so I figure this is the best solution. Please, if there are other questions about the chat/shout box, feel free to start a new thread about it. :yes_f:

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