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Posting Policy

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Posting Policy

Post Number:#1  Postby Professor C Nut » Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:22 pm

Okay, here goes.
Applaud the mechanism in place to encourage participation within the forum to be afforded continued access to all of the valuable information stashed here in "The Clouds". Excellent idea.
Just want to play "devil's advocate" here for a moment.

Post Requirements
After having some discussion with current members the post count minimum has been set at only 2 postings per week. This number will be averaged out over a one month time period and should be very easy for members to make. In fact that is only 8.666 post per month or 104 post per year depending on how you want to look at it.

Now, here is where I personally (and maybe others) may have a concern. Not necessarily with the policy mind you, but with the ambiguity surrounding the potential enforcement of said policy.
Matter of fact is, I rarely come in and post anything that even remotely resembles a "brief" comment. Not into quickies.
So . . . Is there any unwritten rule (or maybe better yet, one should be written), concerning the viability (length or usefulness) of said 8 comments per month?

Let us just say for hypothetical purposes that "Cloudie A" lays down only 4 total posts on average per month, all a few paragraphs in length and studiously applicable to the subject matter of any of the many topics available here in the CMB forum.
In comparison let's say "Cloudie B" meets the minimum requirement of 2 per week, but says little more than "Here Here good show old chap" and throws down a smilie face.

Must admit that if I were presented with the situation of being locked down in "the penalty box" for not meeting posting policy as "Cloudie A", all the while "Cloudie B" continues to dance around the rooms freely, the hair on the back of my neck might tend to perk a little . . .I've always been a huge advocate of "Quality over Quantity" any day. Hard to put a judgment meter on that aspect of forum posting I understand, but has there been any thought given to how that might come into play? Or should I just keep a .doc file on the Q-T - ready to copy/paste a quick generic "Yeah Baby" - with a new and exciting "smilie face of the day" and do this twice a week?

Just Curious?
Professor C. Nut
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Re: Posting Policy

Post Number:#2  Postby ThatGirl - ST » Tue Dec 03, 2013 4:05 pm

Just an FYI Nutty....
.......The above policy is pretty simple compared to many others on the web and we like it that way. However, if there is found to be abuse it may have to be changed in the future for the best interest of all involved......

In other words... if it is found that someone is not adding to the forum at all but they still have access...... changes may be made. I guess it would be left to the discretion of the admin. So..... you better be nice to me or else. :lol:
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