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Lurking In Chat

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Lurking In Chat

Post Number:#1  Postby Phebe » Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:35 pm

I'd like to start out by thanking the active CMB community for all of your hard work in making this a great cloud home. :thankyou:

To the Worker base: Thank you for sharing great work, tips/tricks/best practices, software/scripts, and even sharing what type of hardware you use such as various gaming mice, etc.
To the Requesters: Thank you for joining us to communicate, offer work, answer questions, and generally just be awesome! (If you are here as a requester, please note that the sections below do not apply to you.)

It is our goal here at CMB to keep our members feeling comfortable in sharing their expertise with others in order to make this a great place for all of us to learn and network. To accomplish this, it is important that every member contribute as best they can. An environment where some members contribute and others just lurk and take is not fair to our hard working and generous contributing members.

There are two main sections to CMB -- the forums and the chat room. For those of you that have read our rules, you know that CMB, as a whole, has participation policies.

No one is required to join chat in order to remain a member of CMB. If you prefer to restrict your activity to participating in the forums only, feel free to do so. However, if you DO decide to enter into chat, please do so with the intent to participate and contribute. Actively participating in the forums does not exclude you from needing to actively participate in the chat room, if you choose to enter. If you are found lurking in chat for extended periods of time without participating, your account may lose the ability to view and enter into the chat room.

Please understand this does not mean you need to talk constantly throughout the entire day. When work is slow, there may be days where there just isn't much to say. As long as you don't have a habit of coming into chat and not speaking over the course of several days, weeks, and/or months, you should be fine.

If you find that you have lost the ability to view chat, your account may have been restricted due to non-participation. If you desire to rejoin chat (with the intentions of participating and contributing), you are welcome to PM a reinstatement request to one of the board administrators. (Please be aware that Wild is currently on a leave of absence, so for a timely response you should PM one of the other team members.)

Thank you,
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